Farm House Interior Tour

An annotated walk inside the house

This sequence of pictures was selected from a collection taken on several different days, and arranged as a walking tour.

Click on an image to enlarge. Once enlarged, you can navigate forward and back between images, or link back to this index page.

If this is your first time through the tour, I suggest you start with the first image (upper left) and go through it in order, reading the comment notes as you go along.

(Note, as these pictures show, the house is still basically unfurnished, and we've been pretty much just "camping out" when we visit.)

0101-farm-kitch1-600 0102-DCP00727-600 0103-farm-kitch2-600 0104-DCP00728-600 0105-farm-kitch-view-600 0106-farm-back-view2-600 0201-DCP00782-600 0202-DCP00740-600 0203-DCP00781-600 0301-DCP00770-600 0302-DCP00774-600 0303-DCP00705-600 0304-farm-hall2-600 0305-farm-hall1-600 0306-farm-hall-view-600 0401-DCP00704-600 0402-DCP00725-600 0403-farm-fr3-600 0404-DCP00778-600 0405-DCP00737-600 0406-farm-fr2-600 0407-farm-fr1-600 0501-DCP00703-600 0502-farm-hall3-600 0502-farm-up1-600 0503-farm-up3-600 0504-farm-up2-600 0601-farm-cellar-600 barn 001-600 farm-out-view-600 farm-outhouse-600

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