We are standing toward the middle of the kitchen, looking at the stove and sink.

In the foreground you can identify the counter peninsula. (The lamp is needed because the lighting is lacking at night in the cook area). The kitchen counters are a red formica-like surface, with shiny chrome edging. The red surfaces and chrome are in quite good condition (minimal nicks and scratches), as is the sink.

The cabinets are metal. I guess their original color was white, and they've been painted several times, different shades of blue. Shelving inside the cabinets are chrome wire, which is nice because you can see "through" them. Unfortunately, some of the chrome is rusting, inside the cabinets and drawers.

There is an old gas stove, which should be replaced. The wall above it has a faux brick laminate surface, probably providing fire protection but it's peeling (and it's unappealing :). Above is a broken exhaust fan. (Note, on the other side of the stove wall is the bathroom)

The sink is a double sink. There is no dishwasher, nor space for one. To the left of the sink is some more counter and then the refrigerator. Above the sink, behind the wooden trim, there are florescent lights. The outlets in this area are not to code.

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