Living Room:

Standing near the middle of the living room, this is a view of the wood stove nook. Unlike in the kitchen, these are real bricks, and when the stove is going, they help radiate the heat.

The stove pipe goes directly into the chimney. Unfortunately, this chimney is also used by the furnace, and the insurance company requires that the stove be on a separate flue. We can either ignore that (not a good idea if god forbid there ever were a fire), or add a 2nd flue to the chimney (but it doesn't look like there's room), else take this whole corner out (would be a shame).

On the right are built in bookshelves. Above Steven is a ceiling fan, used when the stove is stoked, to distribute the rising heat. (Behind the wall behind Steven is the bathroom). Also, you can't see here, but the ceiling in the nook is about 6 inches lower than the main part of the living room.

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