Farm House Perimeter Tour

An annotated walk around the outside of the house building

This sequence of pictures was selected from a collection taken on several different days, and arranged in order to provide a visual and spatial feel for the structure.

Click on an image to enlarge. Once enlarged, you can navigate forward and back between images, or link back to this index page.

If this is your first time through the tour, I suggest you start with the first image (upper left) and go through it in order, reading the comment notes as you go along.

01-DCP00797-600 01-zfarm-house2-600 03-DCP00786-600 03-zfarm-house4-600 04-DCP00787-600 05-farm-house3-600 06-DCP00788-600 07-DCP00800-600 08-DCP00789-600 09-DCP00790-600 10-farm-house-back3-600 11-DCP00792-600 11-zfarm-outhouse2-600 12-DCP00793-600 13-yfarm-house-back2-600 14-DCP00795-600 15-DCP00796-600


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