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Here are the things we like to do best on our Cape Cod vacation:

The beach

The Fourth of July

Out and About


Around the House

The Beach

Cockle Cove beach

at the beach.jpg     Nana says this beach is dumpy. But the kids love to play in the "little water", a tidal inlet that rises and empties with the tide. We catch minnows, crabs, and eels. Shelby and Jenn get annoyed when the little kids stick crabs in their faces. We build sandtowns and dams, but never with the sturdiness and grandeur as when Uncle Jeff was helping.

The "big water" is deep and fun.

Ice cream truck.jpg     Grandpa and Nana buy all 10,000 kids ice cream from the ice cream man truck.

The Crab Beach

In Brewster, when the tide goes out, the crabs come in. At low tide, the water is so low you can walk for 7 miles out into the sea.

We collected hundreds of hermit crabs (with a few real crabs, snails, periwinkles, minnows, and crawfish) in just an hour or so. Dump the bucket just before we leave and watch the crabs disperse in a radial starburst!

Aunt Joanie had never seen Sammy the dog smile, chasing the gulls.

The Fourth of July

"Band Time" in Chatham.

Friday nights, there's excitement in the air. The old fashion brass band plays popular music and children's sing alongs. On the 4th of July weekend, it's especially special. The cousins got light sticks. It was sooooo crowded, the lawn looked like a quilt patchwork of blankets and families.


An anonymous uncle from New Hampshire brought us an evening of entertainment which rivals the fireworks display in Washington DC (Uncle Bob's, that is). Safety conscious, with garden hose in hand and children at bay, the one incident was the runaway firework parachute which sailed blocks away out of sight, glowing, glowing, embers glowing (oops).


Chatham, small town America. Nana cheers as if Uncle Jonny is riding his bike like back in 1966. The old geezers marched and rode in antique cars; Minutemen fired their muskets; kilts and bagpipes; fire engines and dump trucks; and aging baby boomers rocking atop boom box wielding trucks. Meet each of the 14 candidates for Sheriff.

Out and About

The trampoline place

Jump. Jump. Jump. get sick. Jump. Jump. Jump. pass out. Ten trampolines rented at once for ten minutes. Ask Aunt Joanie, never jump on a hot sunny day.

Tennis and playground

In Chatham center, near the old railroad museum, there a castle playground across from the public tennis courts. Plenty of good intention, we don't make it there often enough.

Walks, runs, and bike rides

In the driveway (well, in the street too), Jenn, Robbie, and Rayna play policeman. Jarrett is the speeder. Try to catch him, and if someone gets hurt, we keep plenty of Band-Aids to take care of them.

Nice quiet walks and runs around the winding neighborhood. Everyone gets lost, at least... uh, twice.


hat store.jpg (35521 bytes)    Souvenirs!! Again, a trip to Chatham Center- this time to go shopping. Ben Franklin is a traditional 5&Dime (though more expensive) has everything.

Food!! We go shopping twice a day, sometimes three times. Why not just rent Stop and Shop next year?


going out to eat

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mealtime at the house

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Around the House

Here's what we do around the house:

Chore chart

job spinner.jpg     Clean up is a constant chore, but we don't have time to document it here. Even the grown-ups help out!

Bead animals.

Bead lizards.jpg     Rayna showed the crew how to make beaded lizards.


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Paper maché Piñatas

Dough art projects

Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Rich's family annual visit