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This year there are 5 bedrooms, and the downstairs family room is converted to a children's bungalow.

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Aunt Joanie and Uncle David's family arrives first to open the house. First thing, they take the first trip to the supermarket, filling three carts. They brought Jenn and Greg from New Mexico (Aunt Sue passed away 5 years ago now).

Richie escorts Nana and Grandpa's car from New York, arriving Sunday.

Uncle Jonny and Aunt Lisa arrive the following Friday in time for the 4th of July festivities.

Can you believe, this is our 21st summer in a row that we've rented a house on the Cape?! 

These many different houses have left their mark on us over the years (and vice versa). We've seen through many different personal circumstances and stages of life, blood, sweat and tears, along with an ever growing clan of grandchildren.

Here's the list of houses we stayed at over the years:

Murphy House This year. Snoopy neighbors. Piano and guitar.
Harwich Kids chamber. Ants,Ants,Ants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Amanda's first year,
Housh House Morris Island Parents' 50th anniversary party with leaking  rum cake, Allyn's tee shirts, video slide show, kids' play of Wizard of Oz;Jason and Rayna learn to ride a 2-wheeler without training wheels; so many kids that we invaded the sacred upstairs adult computer work center and turned it into a dorm
North Chatham 3rd floor playroom, the door, and pooltable house. kids play for Uncle Jonny & Uncle Jeff. Kids secret passage way. Stairs too steep; kids hide in the pouffy flowered decorator curtains; first Internet exploration -- we saw RGL in cyberspace 
House with Jon's garageApartment Mouse House   Kids scary night w/"Are you Afraid of the Dark-clown episode"

lame skunk; Steven is a newborn; Selia's first year --   she rolls around the hall in her walker; Moon Cussers Lane; bike rides to the little beach down the path

Housh House Morris Island first summer without Sue; her presence is sorely missed. We compiled a scrapbook of her life with photos and comments and gave it to Jeff for the children.

chippy the chipmunk at the nature preserve; the pee-pee tree; bunnies and the sickly fox roam the lawn; Alinskys get attacked by starving flies on the beach

Housh House Morris Iland blackberries on Stage Harbor Road; kids eat meals at small square colored plastic table -- first time seated at "the children's table"; kids create the smooshed-pillow couch for TV watching and jumping around; lots of art projects in the den while upstairs living room is the computer-work-center with no kids allowed. Jarrett is a newborn.
Housh house , Morris Island love that  causeway that brings us to marvelous Morris Island; the perfect house, except for the small, humid bedrooms downstairs balanced by parents palatial suite; basement with 2 doors serves as sneaky underground passage to otherside of the house; Miss Dolan, Robert's kindergarten teacher, babysits and organizes plays and activities; kids discover eating at the counter; ocean view from kitchen.
Carter House Greg, Rayna & Jason were born; Greg swings crooked in baby swing; Jenn and Robbie learn to play baseball with Grandpa; Robbie has chicken pox; Nauset beach
Carter House RGL tapes. pre-stock market crash stock certificates on bathroom wall; bunnies and snowball bushes delight Shelby, Rob, and toddler Jenn; old kitchen still is  able to produce mob-scene meals; lots of cookouts.
Chatham, Ridgevale modern house tucked in wooded setting; balcony loft from which Richie and Dale do upside down facial antics;; Joanie's friend Sharon visits from Detroit (RGL had dated her sister)

Aunt Dale comes for the first time. Robbie is 2 yrs. old.

Upside-down house Ollie North hearings occupy all our time. Dad doing knee exercises.  Shelby's disappearing blanket.
Orleans, Richardsons House
Orleans, Richardsons house
Orleans, Richardsons House
Orleans, Richardsons House our mainstay house for a number of years -- bunk beds for Richie and Jon.  Shelby is newborn; home of THE ketchup incident; in the winter before this summer Mom (Nana) came with Joanie and the realtor to find this house -- mom stood on a sandy precipice in freezing winter wind over looking the ocean view with her mink coat and hair blowing in the wind;
Chatham Lighthouse JGL  Pregnant w-Shelby; the bird on the deck adopts us and we reciprocate; Grandpa (he wasn't called that yet) claims that Joanie is not allowed to walk steps to lighthouse beach due to delicate condition.
Jeff sleeps outside in tent on the lawn; Richie brings his competitive HBS buddies and we have a killer monopoly game
we insist on  being able to walk to the beach; such a beach -- the Bay side;
Brewester House neighbors accuse us of being "not friendly" -- they were right-- only to each other, and then there is dispute
Brewester House Nana tries to   teach RGL and JGL to play bridge -- thus, the tradition of playing cards on the cape is born -- little did we know that it would lead to the ultimate POWER solitaire, which eventually moved to the next generation