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Meet the Family:



nana.jpg matriarch "I love coming here with the family, I love seeing everyone grow!"
Grandpa grandpa.jpg patriarch "It's a wonderful time for us to get together with the family!"
Joanie joanie.jpg (2131 bytes) hostess "Two amazing, unforgettable weeks of field trips to the beach, to restaurants, to the grocery store, to "souvenir" shopping; art projects, would-be tennis, meals & meals, and wonderful family bonding; all of this is made possible by all of us together!"

"Who spinned odd jobs?   Who spinned laundry?"

David david head.jpg (1551 bytes) age 54  Move'm in, move'm out, head'm up, head'm out...   Doctor Dad!  Where's Jason?!
Shelby wpe6.jpg (1447 bytes) age 15 "I love our family-this is the best family reunion possible."
Robert wpe7.jpg (1519 bytes) age 12 "I love the beach and the sea!  I love family"
Jason wpe8.jpg (1452 bytes) age 7 "I like the ice cream truck and trampolining"
Richie richie.jpg (17750 bytes) age 47 "It's a wonderful time- all the adults stand around and watch the kids run around like crazy!"
Selia wpe1.jpg (1901 bytes) age 4 "I like going to the playground!"
Jeremy wpe4.jpg (2197 bytes) age 2 "Stupid song, picture, kiss," "where's the cake?" "I like trains"
Jenn wpe5.jpg (1635 bytes) age 10 "I think we should rent Stop & Shop next year!! I like being with the family, it's a good experience for me to come visit my family."
Greg wpe9.jpg (1437 bytes) age 8 "I like the food market and the house that my family rented"
Jonny Jon at laptop.jpg that's Jonathan

age 41

"Oh no! the rug rats have grown into little alien ape people!"
Lisa lisa head.jpg (2539 bytes) And X The New York Times crossword puzzle in under 8 minutes.
Rayna rayna.jpg (14394 bytes) age 7 "I like the cape! I think it's fun to be with the family! I think it's fun to go to the beach and catch crabs!!!  I like playing with my cousins."
Jarrett wpeA.jpg (1305 bytes) age 6 "I like going to the beach!"
Steven steven.jpg (34914 bytes) age 4 "I like to play with my cousins!"
Amanda amanda.jpg (2406 bytes) sitter and friend

age 14


"Everyone here considers me as part of the family.  I get a vacation away from my parents plus I get to spend time with my friend, Shelby."
Sammy dog

age 5

"I'll sit where you're eating; I'll eat where you're sitting; thank you."