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Oh Boy! Jarrett's got the baby!!


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Uh-oh, she's starting to cry...


Dcp00226.jpg (50249 bytes)
O...K... now what? (huh Steven?)


Dcp00229.jpg (35099 bytes)
...Better just give her to Dad!



Dcp00237.jpg (36410 bytes)
Ultimately, Mom will take care of it.



Dcp00243.jpg (55191 bytes)
Happy Baby picture #1



Dcp00242.jpg (28786 bytes)
Happy Baby picture #2


Dcp00241.jpg (35679 bytes)
Happy Baby picture #3


Dcp00244.jpg (48266 bytes)
Curious Baby


Dcp00240.jpg (38627 bytes)
and Happy Siblings.



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