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17 Sep 2001

I liked the pictures of me at 8 years old. But why didn't you take any pictures at Lake Goerge?

26 Aug 2000

look forward to adding to the collection soon! a very prego egl

Aunt Joanie
18 Apr 2000

April 18, 2000 -- just reviewed this after a year -- Shira certainly has changed!

13 Jun 1999

Shira and the website still look exciting!

Jason alinsky
16 May 1999

She is adorable & adoptable!! Ido not think you will let someone adoptapt her!! But she is CUTE!!!!

Jason alinsky
01 Mar 1999

Uncle Johnny Sheira is Cute!! (By the way nice pictures of your land!)

Jason alinsky
01 Mar 1999

Uncle Johnny Sheira is Cute!! (By the way nice pictures of your land!)

Michael Linowes and Elissa Moser
09 Feb 1999

Great web site. Great photos. Even better with Jon standing over my shoulder.

Congratulations to all of you.

The pictures are great and the web site is a lot of fun. Hours of fun, especially when looking around on an old computer.

Rob & Danny Jolles
19 Jan 1999

What a unique way to use a website! She looks beautiful. Congratulations.

Michelle & Tim
05 Jan 1999

We missed seeing all of you this holiday season, but it looks like you had your hands full! Shira is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her.

Love, Michelle & Tim

Aunt Marilyn
03 Jan 1999

Shira - Welcome to your new family. You are such a beautiful baby and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Hope to see you soon. Love, Aunt Marilyn

Mindy, Gary, Danielle & Harrison
03 Jan 1999

She's a beauty! What a great name! Hope mom is doing well and getting at least some sleep!!! Our best to all of you.

Love, Mindy, Gary, Danielle & Harrison

the Savrans
03 Jan 1999

Scott-"Shira is very cute and I can not wait to see her." Ronni & Rich-"It sure took you long enough to let us know!!! but Shira sure is cute.

Lisa and Greg Yates
02 Jan 1999

congratulations on your new addition!!! we are overwhelmed with only one....we can't imagine four....

what a fabulous way to usher in the new year -- with a new little one.

hello to shira and all of the others.

love, lisa and greg

June Linowitz
31 Dec 1998

Is she a cutie! What an outstanding baby announcement. Congratulations to all of you.

30 Dec 1998

Thank you for visiting my web site!


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