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Dcp00217.jpg (47387 bytes)

Aunt Joanie holds Shira


Dcp00219.jpg (46266 bytes)

...David and Shelby look on


Dcp00220.jpg (79252 bytes)

Jarrett, Robbie, Rayna


Dcp00221.jpg (46158 bytes)

Jason bops Steven


Dcp00222.jpg (38550 bytes)

Rayna and Aunt Joanie


Dcp00223.jpg (42753 bytes)

Robbie, Rayna, Aunt Joanie pyramid


Dcp00224.jpg (77840 bytes)

Aunt Joanie, Uncle David, Shelby, Rayna (clockwise)


Dcp00225.jpg (32270 bytes)

Meanwhile, Shira sleeps through it all... (yeah, right!)



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