These drawings are rough schematics of the house layout, to be used for design not construction. They are drawn to approximate 1/2 foot accuracy. Most measurements were made of interior spaces. Wall width is ignored. Etc.

Click here to download the AutoCAD source file: farmhouse.dwg


Foundation: Solid foundation lines depict actual cement foundation. Dashed lines indicate structure supported, for example, by concrete blocks or pillars.

Ground Floor: Symbol clarification: the oval at top of kitchen is the refrigerator. The gap in the counter space on the right is the stove range (gas stove). The oval in center of kitchen, by the chimney, is the wood cookstove.

In the bathroom, the first oval is the sink. The longer one by the window is the bathtub/shower.

In the living room corner, the square+oval is a woodstove on a brick platform

Second Floor: The dash lines in BR-3 is the dormer.